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Shalom Marine Containers can supply used shipping containers, new shipping containers to customers in various industries who are looking for a shipping container.

Global Logistics Firm/ Freight Forwarders

Global logistics providers and international freight forwarding firms have come to rely on Shalom Marine Containers for providing cargo-worthy containers to fill needs of their  customers.

When logistics providers have  needs, such as relocation from one continent to another or simply providing a “shipper owned” shipping container to a small business, they come to Shalom Marine Containers availability for quality and CW shipping containers.

Portable Storage Industry

Shalom Marine Containers is a valued partner to the on-site storage industry. We are a service-oriented company known for providing quality containers.

Cargo containers used for the portable storage industry provide a safe, secure, on-site alternative to expensive off-site storage facilities. After the containers are retired from marine use, the containers are refurbished and rebranded for service in the portable storage industry. Then they are supllied to construction contractors and retailers who find the ease of use containers a safe and secure storage solution.

Construction/ Infrastructure/ Offshore

Construction and engineering companies have complex logistics requirements to get their projects supported with supplies of materials and machinery. 
Shalom Marine Containers cater to the need of their clients from the construction, offshore and infrastructure companies by providing good quality shiiping containers

Moving Companies/ Removable Firms

When international moving companies or removals firms need a  cargo-worthy steel shipping containers for their customers, they call Shalom Marine Containers.  Shalom Marine Containers can provide used cargo-worthy containers at major states in India.

Container Housing

Shalom Marine Containers over the years have been a leading supplier of quality shipping containers to project developers,  architects, contractors and portable cabin manufacturers for residential, commercial and artistic projects.

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