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Portable Office Cabins

The portable office cabins has a wide application in the construction and infrastructure projects industry. But due to its benefits, this can also be used for residential and home purposes as well. Portable cabins are easy to move, feasible, durable and economical.

Portable office cabins can be modified based on customer's requirements at our site in Mumbai and can be delivered to you sites all over India.

Modifications include:

1. Toilet

2. Bathroom

3. Pantry

4. File Cabinet- Overhead/ Cupboard/ Underhead

5. Pantry

6. MD Cabin Partition

7. Workstation& Many more.

Construction Details:

Made from GI or MS

Portable Cabins varies in different sizes and can be easily transported- Example: 10'x8', 20'x10', 25'x12'x 40'x8', 17'x8' & many more sizes.

Insulation, Windows, Doors, Lighting& Electrical.

Exterior& Interior Painting.

Corrosion Resistant panels.

Vinyl Flooring& Many More

The main purpose for a portable cabin is to provide accomodation, shelter and protection from weather for the employees/ labours/ workers and guard the valuables against any theft or other vulnerabilities. A small size cabin can be also used for storage in sites and security cabin.

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