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10ft Shipping Container


Width 8-feet

Length 10 feet

Height 8-feet, 6-inches 


Width 7-feet

Length 9 feet

Height 7-feet, 9-inches 


Our 10ft portable office containers are fully insulated, and fitted with windows, doors, lighting, and electrics, giving you the essentials for a functional and productive workspace.

Safety, Security & Longer Life

• Built in one 10-foot standard, used refurbished container 80sq.ft. compact space
• Exterior Painting
• 8mm MDF panel  over wood framing and glasswool insulation insulation -optional
• Two 3-foot by 2-foot windows
• Exterior personnel door with AC duct Provision
• Electrical Fittings- Lights, Switches, Fans etc..
• One exterior security light adjacent to the exterior personnel door
• Original workspace.

Applications/ Can be used as:-
Watchman Cabin
Security Cabin
Portable Office
Rest Room Container


For further information on our extensive range of workshop containers, details on delivery options and prices in India, please contact us today on
+91-7020752447 or email


For your container needs in India

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