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SMC offers a large inventory of used containers for sale throughout all states of India. No matter where you need the containers the container can be delivered to you from the nearest port.

Used shipping containers are those which are retired from the shipping line fleet after 10 years of use. This containers get a new life after we sell them. Container comes in various sizes and types.

We give a detailed information to our client about the Condition of the Containers.

If you are buying containers for the first time, please don't worry about anything. As we Guide you through the process of buying shipping Containers. Shipping Containers can be brought for making container homes, container offices, portable cabins etc. Shipping containers are the most important part of the logistics and transportation industry.

Shipping Container Price

This is the main question arises in the mind of the potential buyers before buying a new/ used shipping container. The shipping container prices entirely depends on the size and the condition of the containers. Used shipping container comes in 3 different Conditions "IICL", "CW" and "ASIS" Condition. 

Depending on the condition of the containers and the location you are buying the price is given. At SMC we sell containers at the most economical price possible.

Shipping Container sizes

What is "IICL" OR "CW" Container

  • IICL – Institute of International Container Lessors – an organization which groups the largest container and chassis leasing companies worldwide. The IICL sets repair standards, by which all repairs are carried out, for its members when containers are off hired. IICL is the strictest criterion out there for used containers.

  • CW – Cargo Worthy– Criterion under which a used shipping container is deemed suitable for the transport of cargo under TIR / UIC / CSC, and meets all the standards laid out in its original specification.  The CW Cargo worthy standard generally implies that the container has a valid CSC.  Cargo Worthiness can be certified by a third party container surveyor pursuant to a physical inspection of the used shipping container.

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