Shalom Marine Containers

A Shipping Container Trading Company


About Shalom Marine Containers

Shalom Marine Containers was founded in 2018 in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Since our founding, we’ve worked with numerous clients throughout the area and sold and traded different types of containers all over India.

Shalom Marine Containers have now expanded their business areas in all areas of India.

If you require a good quality container then that's what you get. 



Our Products

Shalom Marine Containers sell both new and used containers in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat, Kolkata and in all the other regions of India.

We can offer used shipping containers in "IICL",  "CW" , "AS IS" Condition.

You can count on Shalom Marine Containers to not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. 

Depending on the dimensions of the goods, you can choose from several types of shipping containers. You can buy Containers from us in all locations of India.

 Containers can be bought for  Transportation and Logistics,  making portable cabins, offices and storage purposes.  


20ft STANDARD container


40ft Standard Container




  • Logistics Firms / Freight Forwarders

  • Ocean Carriers

  • Portable Storage Industry

  • Construction / Infrastructure / Offshore

  • Moving Companies / Removals Firms

  • Container Housing